Wellbeing Programme Design

work2health has extensive experience in the field of wellbeing programme design, having developed programmes for organisations employing less than 50 staff to those employing tens of thousands! We appreciate the resource implications that organisations of any size face in implementing wellbeing programmes and so offer businesses the opportunity to have a programme tailored to meet their specific needs.

As specialists in all aspects of employee wellbeing and workplace health promotion, we can advise, design and assist in the implementation of a programme that enhances the wellbeing of your most important asset – your staff, while at the same time providing your organisation with a range of additional benefits. These include:

  • increased productivity,
  • reduced sickness absence,
  • lower staff turnover,
  • becoming an employer of choice,
  • higher levels of employee commitment,
  • improved corporate image,
  • increased staff morale
  • and a climate that facilitates change.

In working with you to create your wellbeing programme we will carry out the following activities:

  1. An audit of current practice – using methods such as focus groups, questionnaires and policy reviews, work2health identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the wellbeing initiatives in your organisation. We highlight those that need to be developed, suggest solutions where gaps might exist and encourage improvements to existing actions where these are not fulfilling their true potential and as a result could be costing your organisation money.
  2. Programme design – utilising the findings from the audit and based on detailed discussion with the organisation work2heath will develop a wellbeing programme tailored to meet the needs of your organisation.
  3. Implementation of Programme – work2health provides your organisation with the detailed programme along with a resource pack that includes good practice examples, ideas for action and guidance for implementation. We will also attend and contribute to progress and monitoring meetings.
  4. Evaluation – work2health will offer continued advice, support and guidance on the evaluation of the well being interventions in your organisation to enable you to monitor progress, review outcomes, and amend programmes/interventions to ensure that the changes are effective.

If you’re interested in our services and would like to know more please contact us.