Stress Risk Assessment

Undertaking a stress risk assessment is a proactive way of managing pressure and stress in the workplace and employers have a legal obligation to risk assess for stress. work2health adopt the 5-stage approach advocated by the HSE when conducting stress risk assessments and their specialist knowledge and expertise ensures that they are carried out in a cost effective and efficient way. Stress risk assessments can be undertaken on individuals or groups of staff.

work2health have developed their approach structured around the core components of the HSE management standards that focus on demands, control, support, relationships, role and change. The process for conducting the stress risk assessments includes:

  1. Identification of hazards. We will work closely with you to help identify the hazards within your organisation, using the management standard headings as a guide to the discussion.
  2. Deciding who is vulnerable and how. work2health will assist in the identification of employees that are more vulnerable to developing work related stress within your organisation based on their roles, tasks and work patterns.
  3. Evaluation of the risk and action to take. We encourage a stress audit to take place using the tools available in our stress audit toolkit, which will provide a full analysis and report with recommendations for action.
  4. Record findings. Using the stress audit report we will assist you in designing a series of risk assessment forms specific to the needs of your organisation and offer guidance, advice, ideas and realistic timescales for you to achieve results.
  5. Monitoring and evaluation. work2health will offer continued support and guidance to ensure that changes are effective and we are able to conduct a further stress audit to measure the results of changes implemented.

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